Elastic Man

All actions in this game are made using mouse.
Move mouse pointer towards the face of the elastic man and hold mouse right button to stretch it, then release it to see the result.

Due to the fact that it is not a game but something like stretch simulator, there are no levels and no missions in this game. It was created just for fun so enjoy the nice graphics and pretty realistic physics.
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Elastic Man : Game Description

Elastic Man

Many people think that Elastic Man is a game but I would like to make sure you understand what it really is - it is a face stretching similator which you can play online at our website and have a lot of fun. When you click the Play Now button you will notice a big elastic head which is made with rather realistic graphics. Some people say that the face reminds them of the Morty from Rick and Morty series. You can do whatever you want with the head - stretch it in different directions and see the reactions.

The elasticity of the head and skin is endless and you can run this game from any device. You can even download it to your smartphone and enjoy it offline. The game will give you a lot of entertainment and can relieve stress. Enjoy the full version of Elastic Man for free at ElasticMan.Net

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